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For more information on this program, please contact national sales manager Mike Ramsey by email at miker careington. You'll also get to eat delicious, easy-to-prepare meals -- five times a day!

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Larry has two books you can check out. It isn't as much about the diet as it is the financial issues with the program.

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Whether you want to lose 5, 10, will i lose weight on a high fat diet pounds, or reshape your whole body, "Larry North's Slimdown for Life" gets you the results you want. The package included a videotape, three audio tapes, appointment book, organizer, cookbook, meal plan and one meal-replacement bar.

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Many folks are, to put it delicately, unhappy with both North and E4L, the company contracted to manage sales. No defects, little sign of use.

  • They advise customers to dispute charges with their credit-card companies.
  • Receive press releases from Careington International Corporation:
  • You'll also get to eat delicious, easy-to-prepare meals -- five times a day!

And I thought I had problems when I tested this offer some time back. A key component of the success of this program is that Larry encourages the followers of this program to communicate with him along the way for questions, concerns, motivation and inspiration. Now, in "Larry North's Slimdown for Life", he has created an easy, effective program that can help anyone lose weight quickly, safely -- and forever!

Slimdown America, created by fitness icon Larry North and offered through Careington International Corporation, is a new weight loss and fitness program for a new era.

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You have to eat it off meaning WHAT you eat is more important 6. Disc or tape is intact, but may be scratched or stretched. Once a compulsive eater, the son of the founding member of Overeater's Anonymous, North knows the pain of yo-yo dieting and fad weight loss programs.

Could be an unopened promotional or cut item.

Weight loss 220 to 150

Larry kept stressing the importance of your food choices. To get the full day trial assumed shipping each way would be only about a week. Most vinyl collectors will not buy good or below, but some tracks on CD or vinyl will play.

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You have to ask yourself if you can stick with it long-term. This exciting new program is available now exclusively through Careington. Not necessarily sealed or unused, but close.

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The bottom line is you do not need to be a gym rat. No defects, little sign of use, well cared for.

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Larry's program is different because it works with your body's natural metabolism, not against it. Shows some signs of wear and is no longer fresh. I even changed my credit-card number but to no avail - the next statement I received had another charge on it.

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Brian Cuban asked Larry what it takes to be lean and some of his answers may surprise you. The program itself is designed to teach a practical, healthy way of life that can be followed well after the core 21 days.

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I did manage to return the box within 30 days, and not be charged further. Attractive and well cared for, slim down for life larry north no longer fresh. This movie is unopened and brand new.

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With plenty of motivation and no jargon, Larry takes you step-by-step, hour by hour through a realistic slim down designed so you can really use it -- by fitting your diet pills oily discharge without "eating up" your time or money.

Possible loose bindings, highlighting, cocked spine or torn dust jackets. He orders carefully when at a restaurant.

  • Minor signs of wear, but will play almost perfectly.
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