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The authors declare there is no conflict of interest. Candidates Patients who are unhappy with the way their cheeks look or who have any of the following conditions may be good candidates for buccal fat pad removal: Remove buccal fat pad may result in fat accumulation and potentially a bulge in the lower cheek, next to the mouth.

Also, those researchers conducted data extraction and the validity assessment of the studies that met the inclusion criteria. Likewise, damage to the parotid duct also might occur in men and women whose parotid ducts run deep to the buccal fat pad, which can lead to hematomaand might affect salivation.

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Conclusions Although it is not a novel procedure, there is a lack of information about long-term outcomes. This specialized fat has function of smooth gliding between muscles to enhance the intermuscular motion.

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Material and Methods The initial search in Pubmed, Scopus, and Cochrane databases recognized articles. What are the indications, complication types and rates, surgical techniques and outcomes of the technique? Their function is to provide insulation and structural support throughout the facial soft-tissues.

After incision, the buccal muscle is dissected and the BFP is exposed.

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If you are unhappy with your cheeks and considering undergoing buccal fat pad removal, Dr. Therefore, in certain cases, to improve the contour of the face, it is necessary to remove the buccal fat pads. The aim of this study was to perform a systematic review of literature about BFP removal for facial aesthetic improvement.

Its removal may enhance the zygomatic prominences resulting in an inverted triangle of beauty. Pain control is performed using local anesthesia.

Buccal fat pad removal to improve facial aesthetics: an established technique?

In order to answer the following research question: Provided you do not have excessive weight gain, the results are permanent. Slimming and contouring the face A reduction of the buccal fat pad will result in slimmer contours of the front part of the lower face.

During magic weight loss cure for every body type next few weeks patients should follow the recommendations provided by the surgeon. None of the included studies were clinical trials. The typical approach for removing the buccal fat pad is through an incision in the mouth, towards the back of the buccal cavity, near the second upper molar ; and another incision is made through the buccinator musclewhich incisions produce an most popular diet pills decade for access to the buccal fat pads.

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Anatomic illustration of the fat pads of the mouth buccal fat pads. Bilateral extraction of buccal fat, assisted with lipoinjection to the bilateral malar eminences. As one of the best Scottsdale most popular diet pills decade surgeonsDr. A secondary search was conducted based in the titles, abstracts, and keywords of the analyzed studies, to check if they would fit to the topic. Surgical reduction of the volume of the cheeks causes the harmonious changes in the lower part of a face, its visual rejuvenation and smoothing.

  • Repta will carefully and gently remove part of both the left and right buccal fat pad via a small incision inside of the mouth.
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Buccal fat pads are essential for feeding a newborn baby but in adulthood they lose their functional value and have only aesthetic function. Buccal Fat Pad Removal Buccal fat pads are the pads of fat that augment the lower part of the cheeks.

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Data was extracted focusing on surgical technique preoperative image exam, incision site, anesthesia regimen, and associated procedures and complications type and rate associated with buccal fat pad removal for facial aesthetics improvement. The BFP was firstly described by Heister as a glandular tissue in Received Mar 4; Accepted May 9. It is located in the middle third of the cheek and composed by three lobes.

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And the posterior lobe continues between temporal masticatory space 1. Their will you lose weight after getting braces is not a pathology but, depending on their size and shape, they can cause aesthetic disadvantage.

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However, to the best of our knowledge, nowadays the procedure is disseminated as routine especially in Brazil. There are two methods to perform BFP removal, through intraoral approach or by facial approach during the facelift procedure.

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Due to the elongated shape, it is prone to a downward volume-shift within the compartment and can in some instances form a small hernia. In 71 patients submitted to the procedure and evaluated about complications, only 8. If the study approached the topic of buccal fat pad excision as part of grafting or other non-aesthetic procedures, it was excluded.

Repta is here to help you answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Sunken cheeks become visible after the end of toe swelling, usually in weeks. Thus, controlled clinical studies should be performed to achieve adequate clinical evidence of those aspects. During the first few days following your surgery, 56 lb weight loss will be on a soft or semi-liquid diet, and you will have to use an antibiotic mouthwash to rinse and spit several times a day to keep the inside of the mouth clean.

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When there was a disagreement, the reviewers discussed the study and reached a consensus. Please call today for a private consultation. The surgical reduction is performed using an intra-oral approach, with no visible scarring of the skin.

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Surgical procedure[ edit ] The reduction of buccal fat pads usually is performed upon a patient either under conscious sedation or under general anaesthesia. No study evaluated facial aging and long-term effects, therefore the harmless effect of the procedure to those features is not clear.

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Full-text of 19 studies were read, but 11 did not fulfill 56 lb weight loss remove buccal fat pad more inclusion criteria. Also, eligibility criteria include: Once extracted from its place, the surgeon then resects cuts and removes the required amount of tissue from the buccal fat pad to achieve the desired cheek reduction; the remainder of the buccal fat pad then is replaced to its anatomic site, and the two incisions are remove buccal fat pad.


Buccal fat pad extraction is a plastic surgery procedure for reducing prominent cheeks, by the proportional removal of buccal fat-pad tissue. Schedule a Consultation If you would like to know more about your Scottsdale plastic surgery options, request a consultation online.

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The anatomic locale of the buccal fat pads in the human 4 kg weight loss difference. By gently sucking in the cheeks, patients can estimate the outcome of the procedure. The intermediate one extends between the masseter and buccinators muscles.

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The final review included eight of them. Afterwards, the surgeon applies manual pressure to the exterior of the cheek, which pushes the buccal fat pad to protrude to the interior of the mouth, which permits gripping the pad with forceps. The procedure is also used for balancing congenital or acquired soft-tissue asymmetries for example the hemifacial changes associated with facial palsy.

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BFP, masseter muscle, mandibular bone, and the subcutaneous fat. The search strategy was restricted to English language publications using the following sequence of terms adapted to each database: A manual search was additionally conducted based on the reference lists of the selected papers and of other previous reviews. The anterior lobe protrudes in front of the anterior border of the masseter muscle.

Injury to the buccal branch of the facial nerve is a risk; the buccal branch nerves that might be affected control facial functions, therefore, such damage might result in partial facial paralysis, regional facial numbness, loss of tasteet cetera.

Contraindications for the procedure

Procedure Buccal fat removal is a fairly simple yet effective procedure. Consultation With many years of experience in facial plastic surgery and having delivered some of the best buccal fat pad removal Scottsdale has available, Dr. Due to its simple nature, no visible scarring and beautiful results, buccal fat pad removal has become one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery today.

In theory, this function occurs especially during the infant suckling, and explain the large BFP volume in infants and small one in adults 3 - 5.

Anatomically, the lower face contour is composed by four elements: However, in Bichat popularized and defined the structure as fat tissue 1 - 3. For suturing incisions one bioresorbable seam is always used which does not require special care, in addition to mouthwash after meals.

Eight articles were included in the final review 2 - 4 remove buccal fat pad, 6 - 710remove buccal fat pad - According to the literature, the safest method is to perform an intraoral incision 59.

Or if you prefer, you are welcome to call the office at and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you. Some authors consider the BFP removal a safe procedure to enhances the facial aesthetics 7.

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Once the buccal fat pad is removed, the area beneath the cheekbones becomes less full, creating that highly sought-after chiseled cheekbone appearance. Usually, the intraoral BPF removal is performed under local anesthesia and the incision is performed in the maxillary remove buccal fat pad sulcus 38 - 10 or in buccal mucosa at bite level 7.

An external pressure is applied over the skin to manipulate lose weight off thighs and hips BFP into the incision, and without excessive traction the exposed portion is clamped and excised. Swelling typically lasts weeks for most patients.

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Removal of buccal fat pads is completely safe surgical procedure. The potential complications include: Being overweight is one condition, while a genetic predisposition can also cause one to have rounder cheeks with larger buccal fat pads. Eventually, the full texts were read and the final study selection was conducted. All included studies were classified according to the potential risk of bias: Results BPF removal was performed by intraoral incision or associated with the face lift zija pills weight loss.