One direction imagines you lose a lot of weight. One Direction Preferences

He laughed and wrapped his arm around your waist. You stared at yourself in the mirror, lots of people had been telling you that you lost a lot of weight. This just gives you body image problems.

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The past few days were difficult for both you and Niall. Will you forgive me? Is that what you think of yourself? You were feeling great, well, except for one problem. You were at a concert sitting in a designated area for close friends and family of the band. He ghosted his lips over yours before gently kissing you. Harry smiles and wraps his arms around your waist and pulls over to him.

I opened the pantry and pulled out a box of pop tarts. His long fingers sliding down the front of your now wet panties.

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You thought it was a good thing because before you felt too fat so you went on a healthy diet. Finally, you were just ready to call it a day and you both went back to the hotel. He one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight to call your name until calls turned to yells, and yells turned to screams, and screams turned to sobs, until his throat was sore and all he could do was quietly beg you from outside the door.

You sniffled and lay on the bed again and cried yourself to sleep. As tears threatened to form in his eyes, he began to pour out more emotion to you than he ever had before. He smiles and kisses your head.

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One night after a concert, you and Harry were back at the hotel and he was trying to get intimate with you, but you pushed him away. You stood, running away from him as he one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight. That he preferred how they looked over you. Yer gonna break somethin. You developed a slight case of insomnia. Being in pain, being unhappy is not better.

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He led you outside right where the group of fans was waiting. When you finished, he looked satisfied but you only rolled your eyes.

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I love you, Niall. Had you gained weight?

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You sigh and put it back on the rack. Soon you found out that no one cared if you got rid of it in private. It would have been great news, but thoughts instantly started flooding your mind about how bad you would still look in a swimsuit, and that paparazzi were going to be catching your worst possible angles.

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You glance down at the tie-dyed spandex shorts, sleeveless t-shirt, and Nike tennis shoes and feel completely out of place compared to the girls in bodycon dresses and heals. After a while you got bored of the movie and decided to go on Twitter. Is that really how he saw you? The he started talking to the fans that had just insulted you.

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You sighed and nodded. I think you were perfect before and you're perfect now. I shivered and twisted my torso to crack my back. You slid metabolic diet plan 13 days fingers through his hair multiple times as you softly spoke. Suddenly you felt a pain stabbing your stomach.

Preference #24: You Feel Too Skinny

Are you feeling sick? Was he saying that they were prettier than you?

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You check your different social media websites and you see a new article as been posted about you. You got one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight excited when I lost a little weight. I need to make noise to finish this meal.

Because it's not true, so stop worrying, you're beautiful, just the way you are. You grab your laptop and get on the Internet. Zayn one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight meeting some fans outside of the concert stadium before the show, and he wanted you to come with him, so you could spend a little more time together.

Did your weight actually matter to him? Among those guests were some really pretty girls about the same ages as all of you. Look at you, you're so fit and me? The guys start playing chicken and you laugh watching before excusing yourself to the restroom. I want to be better. You were backstage during a meet and greet, just trying to stay out of the way in your designated area when a couple of fans went up to the bodyguard blocking off your area.

You knew they were all just joking around, but they weren't the only ones who had been commenting on your weight. Finally calmed down from his kind words, you placed the container in his hand.

Directioner Dreams — Preference # Pretty Hurts (Requested)

You turned around in bed diet plan lose 15 pounds in a month tested to make sure he was asleep, and then you snuck out, quietly, and grabbed your laptop before leaving the room. Niall released you, so you headed off to the side. You step onto the sides of the machine and lean over, pressing a finger to a few buttons before hitting the start button.

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You looked at him sternly for a few long seconds, before answering. My arms are a little bit heavier than they were before.

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You knelled next to the toilet and began gaging yourself. His eyebrows furrowed as he walked to my side. We love it ahaha. You froze, not sure how to handle the situation. You were forever 21 weight loss this wasn't a good idea anymore. You are so important to me. Yeah, you had boobs and hips, but did that make you fat.

One fake smiled back, almost looking like she was taking pity on you. His scruffy hair spread around his head like a Halo. He could one direction imagines you lose a lot of weight his heart stop and shatter simultaneously. You smiled at them, knowing any other emotion could get you into trouble.