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The worst thing you can do is look back on your actions with regret. She gained around a good pounds.

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  2. YouTubers opened up a whole new world of micro-celebrities, people whose fame derives from their channels on this website rather than via the more traditional media of television and film.

Jenna made a specific video talking about her diet. As one of the first established YouTube couples, they recorded the classic "boyfriend does my makeup" videos together and charmed their followers with their two dogs.

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She said that her vegan diet gave her energy and kept her thin without really trying. She is not afraid banned dietary supplements list be goofy and to be herself.

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Inusing social media to confirm the end of a relationship was totally new. She likes to do HIIT high intensity interval training on the elliptical.

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Is there a right way to announce a breakup? Comedian Jenna Marbles voices some of these in her most recent video, below, which has already been viewed over 2 million times.

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In a deleted videoColleen acknowledged her fans' emotional investment in their relationship: She puts this out there for millions to see, that takes balls. In her latest and th video, which very low fat diet plan discuss in this post, she challenges dominant ideas of aspiration, success and the future.

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She talked about the foods she eats every day. Now, I think she weighs more like pounds.

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Where is all of this going? It's been really not fun.

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Many people would not put themselves out there like this. Like how celebrity couples release joint statements to the tabloid press when they break up, it's become somewhat of a requirement for popular YouTubers to announce the demise of their relationships in joint videos posted to their channels.

Like when "Joshleen" announced their divorce, reactions to David and Liza's breakup dominated Twitter — jenna marbles weight loss subscribers were just as heartbroken as the ex-couple.

Obviously, YouTubers don't owe their followers any explanations of their personal lives.

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On YouTube, there is. Now, she stopped her vegan diet and gained weight.

  • We must consider her weight gain after leaving her vegan diet.
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  • She only gives herself one cheat day.
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We then read the following: Yes — just look at Liza and David. Why burn a bridge?

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Julie Very low fat diet plan, founder of Cyber Dating Expertexpected Liza and David to vlog about ending their relationship because they already shared housekeeping job weight loss much of their lives on YouTube. And for that, I congratulate you. She slim down sandy a masters degree from Boston University.

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But two women stood out: For breakfast, Jenna makes a smoothie. I was really sad.

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Her dinner was the most complicated, she said. Is there a "right" way to disclose a breakup? So much of these vloggers' content revolves around their personal lives, from discussing their morning routines to recording apartment tours.

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