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Accept your sister for who she is - once she feels she is free from your scrutiny she is more likely to feel empowered to do something about her weight. Worries about body-image can take hold, and in extreme cases, manifest themselves as eating disorders.

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If you want to ask how do i tell my sister she needs to lose weight sister if she'd like to work together on exercise, weight loss, or healthy eating, I think that would be great - and if she 's not interested or if it turns out you can't work well or easily together, that's all ok too. Here, you need to begin any discussion of weight by understanding how they feel, said Berkeley.

I broached the subject subtly and she got very upset. This isn't, however, proof that she's obese.

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I am fully aware that eating less and exercising more would make me happier and healthier but sadly that knowledge does not automatically lead to easy weight loss. It is extremely important at this stage of development that someone eats a well-balanced, nutritious diet, or future health problems can develop.

Therefore, either your sister has terrific fashion sense and knows how to lose the fat in your belly where to shop, or she may not be as overweight as you think she is. She has best diet pill for belly fat your supportive, loving partner who fits in with your family because he loves food.

But I'm worried about DD. Name and address withheld There could be a medical reason I was also the overweight sister in a skinny family; I struggled with my weight throughout my 20s, and suddenly gained more than 50lb without knowing why. Unnatural concern about body weight even if the person is not overweight Obsession with calories, fat grams and food Use of any medicines to keep from gaining weight diet pills, laxatives, water pills More serious warning signs may be harder to notice because people who have an eating disorder try to keep it secret.

How do you tell your daughter she needs to lose weight? Maybe that's why it was fun, because we couldn't detect or infer judgement from tone of voice. S women, study finds Here's the catch: And plenty of research shows the negative health effects of excess weight, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and difficult physical functioning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

People know they are overweight, she emphasized, they just feel unable to do anything about it: This is based on the "very obvious generalization" that children accept the values of the family, said Berkeley. We keep junk food in the house, like most houses do, mainly for the kids to snack on.

The BBC is not slim down for good or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of the What's the Problem? I sympathised because I was a chubby child and I remember how much it hurt when my mum tried to curb my own biscuit consumption.

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My sister doesn't complain about her weight, she dresses well and looks good. My daughter 18 is overweight, she might even be classified as obese now. Unfortunately, there are none.

So no, I don't think telling someone that they're overweight does anything positive. Does anyone have any ways I can bring this up to her without being too direct and insensitive? Anorexics will diet to the point of starvation, believing that no matter how thin they become, they are still overweight. Emphasise adipex 30 mg particular those characteristics that she shares with the rest of you.

Insulin, a hormone, helps your body use sugar. That's part of why it's important to involve a doctor in the conversation. However, her portions are very big and she eats too how do i tell my sister she needs l glutamine weight loss lose weight. No carb diet lose weight fast find that I learn best from people who are just living their life and sharing what they've learned because they're enthusiastic about it, not because they're trying to teach or fix me, so I try to spread my aha experiences the same way.

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You, yourself, must walk the walk by cutting sugar and processed foods out of your diet while taking up exercise. My family always made me feel this way - it didn't seem to matter to them how well I performed academically or professionally. After all, it's no longer news that more than one-third of adults in the Can you lose belly fat with pcos States are obese -- meaning a body mass index of 30 or more.

How do I get through to her, without damaging our relationship, that she will be happier if she eats less and exercises more?

Your comments do not help

Meanwhile, many of how do i tell my sister she needs to lose weight work jobs that do not involve any real physical effort and drive cars instead of walking. Name and address withheld What the expert thinks: She's about my height 5'5" and wears a 13 in juniors sizes. Still, it's really not their place to give advice, other than suggesting a person see their doctor.

Both sign up for something like junior park run parkrun. At thirteen when your body is growing and developing it is absolutely the wrong time to go on how do i tell my sister she needs to lose weight crash diet. Furthermore, you have concluded that the best way for her to overcome these problems is to eat less and exercise more.

They even offered me money to lose weight - which was even more insensitive than what you're doing. The real problem is that you and your sister are caught up in a vicious cycle. I have two younger boys who are skinny and very active. Still, the problem remains: We are surrounded by environments that market unhealthy, high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie food.

That only makes her feel more ostracised, so she becomes even more likely to seek reassurance. She had also asked our mother and our "thin" sister who had just given birth how do i tell my sister she needs to lose weight wanted to lose 15 lbs she was barely overweight enough for Weight Watchers to accept her, how diet pills can kill you she reached goal within 6 weeks.

To enter, you need to say something like, "Is there anything I can do to help you with your diet?

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All we can do as parents is keep trying to engage with them, diets to help you lose weight them into sport and limit how do i tell my sister she needs to lose weight food at home.

That weight loss challenge was fun and motivating even though we didn't really talk about it together except on the website. Bulimics are more likely to be closer to normal weight, but will binge-eat then make themselves sick. You also tell us that sometimes she mentions that she's larger than she'd like to be.

KM, Oxford Your comments do not help Your sister doesn't need reminding that she's overweight. If a person is going through a rough time, a divorce, say, or some setback, that may not be the right moment to address a weight problem and set a challenge, said Berkeley.

BMI, the guide most of us use, doesn't tell you everything you need to know. The focus needs to be about health and behavior, not weight, and definitely how do i tell my sister she needs to lose weight about appearance.

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Who do you prescribe obesity surgery or a behavioral intervention? The rest of my family are naturally fairly thin. That will only make her feel inadequate and even more of an outsider.

Whenever I visited my family, I would try to get them interested in trying fruits and vegetables I love, but that are foreign or exotic to them. So, do you say something or say nothing? My husband and I learned the hard way fat loss fiesta we can't do much to help each other with weight loss - we end up getting annoyed and irritated with one another.

You misinterpret her requests for reassurance as expressions of dissatisfaction with her body size, and you respond by delicately suggesting she loses weight. It sounds like your entire family associates food with love - that you strengthen the bonds between you when preparing and enjoying meals together. What she may be hoping when she confides in you is that you'll l glutamine weight loss any fears she has about this.

Present the evidence A variety of factors contribute to gaining weight these days, Abramson explained. She also said that we were getting fatter and fatter every time she saw us, despite the fact we'd each lost about lbs, but the weight loss had slowed or stalled maybe, she thought she was helping us by trying to motivate us to lose more - if so, she was wrong.

All correspondence should reach us by Tuesday morning: Emphasise health, not aesthetics. Read More According to Dr. Even offering to help can come off as condescending if you're not also asking for help in return. I end up criticizing his food choices and he ends up criticizing my exercise.

How should I tell my children they're fat?

Those suffering from both types of illness will also often abuse dieting pills and other drugs in an attempt to control their weight - this can be extremely risky without medical advice and supervision. We eat bigger portions of calorie-dense foods and we eat out at restaurants serving too-salty meals.

Now she is getting thinner and I am very worried. I'm not trying to hurt her feelings but she needs to lose weight, both for her health and her self image. Share via Email My year-old sister is seriously overweight. How much a decade of obesity raises your cancer risk This question of when to intervene is a tricky business and Sharma, as a doctor, adheres to the World Health Organization's standard: I am so scared she may be making herself ill.

Weight is such a sensitive subject for most girls and women and given her past struggles with her weight I don't know how to bring it up to her. If you really can't leave well alone, why not suggest a fun form of exercise that you can both do together?

Gently suggest to your sister that she gets checked out by her doctor, who will also be able to give her tips on how to eat healthily and get fit.

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Dieting When her 8-year-old daughter started a new school in a new town, Kim was heartbroken — but not altogether surprised — when she came home after her first day and said some older boys had called her fat. Every time she looks in a mirror or puts her clothes on, this will be all too apparent. This sounds like a very beneficial association, particularly because the foods you choose are health-giving.

It may be that instead of expressing a desire to be thinner, she's implying that she doesn't feel she's like the rest of the family - that she might feel her distinctiveness makes her feel excluded.

Watch for these signs: But is this fear making our children fatter? Barbara Berkeleya board-certified physician in both internal and obesity medicine, it's impossible to not intervene in other people's lives.

Essentially, you need to offer a hand and a prepared plan in which you become a partner and set a challenge to take on together, fat loss fiesta Berkeley.

Mediterranean diet linked to lower risk of heart attack, stroke With other family members, it may not matter so much whether they are a sister, brother or parent, it is the fact that they are adults or older that matters most.

Good luck with that.

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Not only is this bad for her health, but I don't understand why she doesn't care about her appearance. However, "let's do something fun today," or "I want to He developed a tool for deciding who needs treatment and who does not. I've lost track of the amount of middle-aged people who have told me that they regret not exercising more and taking control of their diet when they were younger.

Always consult your own GP if you're in any way concerned about your health. L glutamine weight loss don't know how much she weighs, she wont tell me, but I'm guessing how to lose 30 kg weight in 1 month pounds. At the same time, you recognise that she "dresses well and looks good".

Take a fresh look at your sister. I exercise on a regular basis and try to get her to come to the gym with me as a "fun day" but she refuses.

How should you talk to loved ones about their weight?

But if you have a year-old? I don't think I should have to throw it all out since it's just snack food and we have balanced meals.

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She has a lot l glutamine weight loss friends and is a normal teenager but she's always eating. I would point out that most people respond best to projects that are presented as fun or at least positive and low pressure. I how do i tell my sister she needs to lose weight she associates food with love - she seems to feel that eating to excess generates good feelings, even if the results have the opposite effect on her self-esteem.

Linda Blair You've decided that your sister isn't particularly happy, and that she is suffering from low self-esteem. She knows what foods are nutritious, and those are the foods she loves. Cycle or dog walk together and make it social by inviting their friends along, too.

There will still be setbacks, yo-yo dieting, despair and desperation. Our family is close and my sister has a supportive partner, who also likes his food. It's not a matter of lack of knowledge about nutrition - she knows what healthy food looks like and would naturally opt for a salad rather than chips.

Model behavior and tread lightly Before you start a conversation about someone else's presumably "unhealthy" food habits, you need to understand what a too-high number on the scale means to the other person and also to you, said Bryan Karazsiaan assistant professor of psychology at the College of Wooster. As a family, we are passionate about food. For the past two years though she's packed on the pounds.